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Suntex Marinas - Hurst Harbor Marina Hiring
Your Office: awesome marina views, open water, watching the sunrise over the water, beautiful weather, a chance to see fun new places.

Your Job: a combination of construction and light maintenance.

You: flexible, team player, loves to travel, dependable, high school/GED education, willingness to learn new things, ability to climb 30ft and swim (we are at around the water)

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2017 Boating Season is Coming!

The water is finally starting to warm up, and the fish are back to biting! Don’t get land locked like this guy. Shake of those winter blues by coming out to Chandler’s Landing or Captain’s Cove Marina and getting your boat back in the water! I know the weather doesn’t seem to want to play along, but we are positive the beautiful, warm days are just around the corner! Check out the video and get excited!

Marine Repairs

Repair work is underway for several areas damaged by the recent storms.  A crew will begin work on reconfiguring and repairing H and E dock at Chandler’s around mid-August.  Larger fingers with additional pilings will be added for strength and all of the cleats will be replaced with “direct-to-frame” installation eliminating lag bolts on E dock.  The process will take two to four weeks to complete and from time to time we may experience power outages and water outages as the crew progresses.  We do our best to eliminate this inconvenience as much as possible.

BB dock at Chandler’s landing is showing rapid recovery after the crew has begun to remove the concrete tiles.  Additional flotation was added under the improvements due to the dock being low in the water and some fingers under water.  We have an outside crew working to remove all of the concrete (about 140,000 lbs.!) off the fingers and walkway and replacing with wood.  This has lifted the dock more than 6″ immediately.  We think the removal of the concrete is the best long term solution to protect the dock. We are assessing the need for additional flotation tanks as we progress.  Work on the dock is ongoing during the coming weeks and the crew is doing a great job of never closing off access to your boat. 

Captain’s Cove

Captain's Cove marina Rockwall Suntex

Many have asked “What in the world are we doing with all this rock?”  Let me tell you, there are tons of rock on each property.  Both breakwater jetties are in need of repair and additional rock.  Our crew is currently working at Chandler’s landing and, once complete, will make their way over to Captain’s Cove.  Parking at Captain’s is restricted in some areas due to the amount of rock delivered.  We will be working to maximize our parking spaces for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.  In the meantime we ask you to be careful in and around the parking areas at Captain’s Cove and do not park in an area that would block access in any way.  Additionally, work to repair the breakwater wall near the harbor entrance at Chandler’s Landing will begin in August.  This is good news as we prepare for the fall season of storms. 

Thank you to all who have shown extraordinary patience regarding additional work orders.  Our crews have been stretched thin with multiple dock issues from the storm.  We are getting close to being back on schedule and I can’t express our gratitude enough; we know it has taken longer than it should and we apologize.  We anticipate to be fully caught up by month end.


Suntex Boat Club Refer-A-Friend Special

1479In appreciation for being a loyal customer of Suntex Marinas, you’ll receive ONE MONTH FREE on your annual contract when you refer a family member or friend to join the Suntex Boat Club!

Contact Rob Cunningham, DFW Membership Director, with all referrals or questions: Email: [email protected] Learn more at Suntex Boat Club.